Carlton Dry Hello Festival Season Competition Website

  • UX Design
  • UI Design

The Carlton Dry Hello Festival Season 2014 competition website is an adaptive beast, designed and built to some exacting requirements.

Home page desktop view with Alan Deas awesome artwork. Detail of mock festival tickets and patches of artwork. Here I reduced three confusing fields to one field with and accordion selector  complete with inline help. The complete mobile user flow.

Firstly, the user needs to buy alcohol to get a coupon code to enter. And there’s three different type of coupon codes, depending on where and in what size you make your purchase. The previous years site had one of the shittiest and most confusing designs, and I imagined if I had just purchased alcohol, drunk some of it, and then tried to enter my coupon code — I probably wouldn’t very successful in completing said entry. (For confirmation of this theory, see http://theuserisdrunk.com/)

So my solution was to combine the three fields into one with the help of an accordian. This would not only simplify the process, but also give space to include inline help on where on the packaing the user could find their coupon code — which is very useful if the user is drunk.

From a design and artwork perspective, the lock-up and artwork were all provided, the latter being commissioned from UK Illustrator, Allan Deas. By designing mock festival tickets, I was able to place them in a grid pattern along with similar sized squares of artwork. This reinforced the branding and also kept the fun and laid back feeling happening as you scrolled down the page. Plus this design lends itself naturally to responsive as well.