Mylife Portraits Responsive Website

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Between 2006 and 2012 I took a sabbatical to follow my childhood dream of becoming a photographer. It was towards the end of this time that I read Ethan Marcotte’s little piece and decided to build a responsive site for my portrait business. Not knowing it at the time, but it would be this design and build that would renew my passion for design and see me return to it.

First off. Mylife Portraits was a success because we sold digital files at a time when no professional portrait photographer did. Initially we shipped the files on DVD, but as we fine tuned the business model we realised we should offer them as same-day downloads. So the site also includes a login area where clients can download their edited and retouched high-resolution files.

Here’s my portrait session workflow: Canon 1D MkIII has an EyefiWIFI SDCard + regular CF card. My camera bag has Zalip CDM530AM Wifi access point. And the client has a studio iPad running ShutterSnitch. All on the same WIFI Lan. At a park.

As I shoot, I review my images and tag the ones I like. These automatically get transmitted over WIFI to the FTP server in ShutterSnitch on the iPad for the client to review. The client tags what they like. At the end of the shoot, the client finalises their selection, places an order and pays via credit card.

Once back at the studio, I edit and retouch the original RAW files from the CF card. A custom script in Lightroom exports the finished JPEG files to my desktop, where I have an FTP droplet to send them straight to a folder on the website. I then login to our CRM, update the client status, who then get sent an automated email with links to where to login and download their files.