Nabtrade Responsive Landing Page

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Brief: A headline of "Place a trade and we'll give you $50 cash". Plus some copy, and the NAB corporate style guide. Oh, and responsive.

The desktop view and the three main assets in the hero area, the hands and the plus sign, are all SVG with fallback PNG. Which in mobile, all stack beautifully and drive the same message with the same impact.

As one of the Big Four Banks in Australia, the NAB branding is pretty solid to begin with, but the style guide was an interesting read. Red, white and black for color, and basic solid colored shapes, which you can combine to build solid icons and illustrations. Plus one typeface.

I always like to do a rough form of crazy eights, where I just pound out one idea after another, and it was there that I sketched a hand and realised a hand could not only “place a trade”, but also receive the “$50 cash”. Some more sketching, and the second hand evolved from the first — just rotated, with a plus sign joining the two together. All solid, and all very much on brand. And stackable.